WebOS and the vitality of Android

Posted: Friday March 05 2010 @ 9:39pm  in Category: Software

This post is a follow-up to WebOS and the death of Android !

There's no contradiction, and I still think that WebOS is still the best designed OS for smartphones : their Javascript/HTML framework is amazing, and native development on WebOS is perfect with their support of libSDL and SDL/OpenGL. Incredible 3D games are being ported to WebOS.

But Palm marketing is lame (it has always been in the past 20 years), and nobody wants to buy a WebOS device. Their market share is ridiculous.

So...I just bought a Motorola Cliq/Dext running Android to replace my old Zaurus :-) There are now thousands of high quality apps on Android, and I bet that the iPhone will have a hard time soon (the lawsuit they brought is a sign of this !!!).

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